Bartendro software

Here is a link to the Hello Drinkbot fork of the Party Robotics Bartendro software. Check it out of git and then: You can now go to to see it in action. You can specify the address it is running on: The main current differences are to create a copy of /ui/bartendro/router/ to /ui/bartendro/router/

Anatomy of the basic bot…

(this is a draft, please write with corrections or suggestions) Cocktail robotics can be about more than ‘robots which serve cocktails.’ The Roboexotica model is that it serves as ‘an index for the integration of technological innovations into the human Lebenswelt’ and “radical hedonism in man-machine communication”. There are a lot of fun ‘cocktail robots’ which […]

Doubling pump capacity of Adafruit Motor Controller hat

The Adafruit motor controller hat can control two stepper motors, or control forward and reverse on four dc motors, such as the peristaltic pumps in Hello Drinkbot. But we don’t normally need forward and reverse, so we can take advantage of that fact to control eight peristaltic pumps with a HAT which can normally control […]