Getting ready for Maker Faire

I have not been writing updates because all of my free time has been me preparing for Maker Faire.

There will be a cocktail robot making workshop at 11am on Sunday. Participants will walk away with a working four pump Hello Drinkbot.

I have the laser cutting done for close to 30 bots (the workshop should use 20 of those), I think everything I’ve ordered has arrived, and I have been working on the sdcard image.

I keep thinking of new little goodies and easter eggs to put on the sdcard. For example, it has a copy of Bruce Wilcox’s Chatscript engine compiled for the Raspberry Pi.

And then last night about ten pm I got an idea for a ‘Shorty’ version of the case, and so I have parts cut for about ten of those. This is just the top part of the normal case, which contains the pumps and electronics.

It is intended to be set on a shelve, or attached to another frame.

I will be at Maker Faire Friday by 11 (knock wood :-).

I still need to work on the instructions and presentation for the workshop, and I would like a handout about Cocktail Robotics and Hello Drinkbot for the booth.

So…busy me, happy me!

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